Why Get Kids Cooking? – Emma Button

Today we have a guest post from Emma Button. Emma’s blog Mellow Mummy features insightful information for parents about teaching their children the fun aspects of cooking.


My daughters have been helping me out in the kitchen since they were old enough to sit upright and grasp a spoon between their tiny fingers. For me and my children, cookery is more than a daily grind to make sure there are meals on the table – cooking is a social, educational and most importantly FUN activity in which the whole family can get involved.

The educational value of getting kids cooking hasn’t gone unnoticed. Pizza Express school visits have long been an opportunity for groups of school children to learn the basics about health and safety in the kitchen and to begin to understand the value of fresh ingredients and the origins of the food that might appear on their plate in a restaurant.
Cooking at home with my children is also a great place to explore basic science, maths and creative skills. When I am cooking with my girls, they enjoy it so much that they don’t even realise they are learning along the way.

Take this weekend… my 3 year old daughter helped me bake her baby sister’s first birthday cake. She weighed and measured all the ingredients which is a great opportunity for learning first numbers, comparing weights and measures and developing accuracy. Next she mixed them together which is not only fun AND messy but also teaches her about the transformations that take place when you add different ingredients together. Finally we created a cake masterpiece with icing and sprinkles which encourages her crafty and creative side. When the candles were blown out on I could see my daughter oozing with pride – it was very tasty too.

This year Pizza Express aim to inspire a generation of children to get into the kitchen through their partnership with The Children’s Food Trust. The #GettingKidsCooking campaign features a series of online activities such as cookery competitions to encourage you and your children to start cooking at home.


We see some really interesting things at PizzaExpress. There is the occasional celebrity who pops by their local to grab their usual pizza. There are locals who drop by and tell stories of their local neighbourhood over a serving of Dough Balls. And other times we see a giant duck puddling past our restaurant in Hong Kong.

The giant duck is an art piece by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman that travels around the world – and we absolutely love it!

Our team in Hong Kong took some photos and we cannot help but think…. what would Duckzilla’s favourite pizza be?

Summer is here

Have you noticed how the seasons have changed? Longer days, warmer temperatures and more importantly – extra time to be outside and enjoy yourself.

We have been hard at work developing a menu so you can take advantage of the summer season. We wanted to create healthier choices and also get kids excited about food.

Across all our restaurants we’ve introduced a new summer menu which includes a brand new Leggera Supper Food Salad (even suitable for anyone who is on the 5:2 diet!), Gluten Free options (yes, we now have GF pizza!) and a sparkly new Kids menu.

Drop by your local PizzaExpress to try it. Actually, with summer here, why not go for a day out and visit a PizzaExpress in a new town!