There is something Fresh in the air

Have you noticed anything different in our restaurants and website lately?

We have introduced the tagline ‘Pizzas Made Fresh From The Moment You Order’ on the marble tables and website. We haven’t changed the way we do things at PizzaExpress – we have, and always will make our pizzas fresh from that moment you come into our restaurant, look at our menu (or not look, depending on how much you are set in your ways) and order.

That’s right, the same authentic style. Just the way you expect.

We love creating our classics; American Hot, Sloppy Giueseppe and Padana, and your new favourites; Calabrese, Rustichella and Gorgonzola & Pancetta Leggera.

Just drop by and tell us how you like yours – extra jalapeno peppers on your La Reine? Or a runny egg on your Fiorentina? Don’t worry, we won’t judge you – in fact, we love to see how you like to have your favourite.