Dough balls are forever…

Last week we renovated our Bristol restaurant in Berkeley Square and one of the cool pieces that we introduced was an artwork paying respect to one of the countries great contemporary artists, Damien Hirst.

What better way to pay homage then to reincarnate the ‘For The Love of God’, or, that skull, by substituting the diamonds with our famous jewels, Dough Balls.

Leading this tongue in cheek approach was PizzaExpress’ Head of Design, Mark Standing, “our design team are huge fans of Damien Hirst so we’re delighted to be able to pay a light hearted homage to him when they refurbished the PizzaExpress restaurant in Damien’s birth place of Bristol.”

Make sure you drop in and see it for yourself at 31 Berkeley Square, Bristol BS8 1HP

We love trying new things in the kitchen

Some things are best to keep secret, like our signature dough recipe which we haven’t changed in 46 years. New pizzas on the other hand, we like to show off.

We have recently unveiled the Salsiccia Speziata (try saying that three times in a row!), a tasty pizza made with punchy Calabrese sausage, soft and creamy mascarpone, fennel seeds, all on top of our signature tomato sauce and fresh dough.

The Salsiccia Speziata is a thing of beauty, why wouldn’t we want to show it off.

The Pizzaiolo, our hero

We believe that our pizzas are the best, so we don’t let just anyone make them at PizzaExpress.

Our pizzaiolos (pizza chefs) are specially trained for 12 weeks before they get to wear one of our special striped t-shirts.

They learn how to toss and stretch our dough to make mouth-watering pizzas from scratch.

Come in and see them for yourself.

Its all in the detail

Our talented group of designers, including the renowned Ab Rogers, have made lots of new changes which we hope you’ll love.

Some of these changes are very subtle but if you take a closer look you’ll notice that there is more than meets the eye.

Did you know that each of our restaurants tell a local story? Take a look at our newly transformed restaurant on Euston Road in London – it sits opposite the British Library and its design celebrates famous authors.

We’ve changed!

Last Monday we stayed up all night to bring you our biggest brand refresh in our 46 year history.

Come in and see for yourself. A new style of service, new dishes that sit alongside old favourites and a new look… we’ve gone potty over stripes. Black and white ones. Inspired by the art of pizza making and our pizzaiolos striped shirts.

Come in and spot the differences.

Pizza in style

Restaurant Colours

Get ready for stripes

Back in ‘48 our founder Peter Boizot visited Italy, where he saw pizzaiolos dressed in striped shirts tossing pizza dough high into the air. See how our origins have inspired our new look…